Why Rebar Express?

Rebar Express is a just-in-time service for all those in urgent need for shop drawings. Be it contractors that are looking for a flexible service and require shop drawings every so often, or detailing companies whose teams are swamped with work.



How it works?

Rebar Express is tailored to work on packages of various structural elements made of concrete. We produce rebar detailing for massive and frame reinforced concrete structures.

We work on packages by pouring phases, such as:

  1. COLUMNS for 1 level,
  2. WALLS for 1 level,
  3. BEAMS for 1 level,
  4. SLABS for 1 level,
  5. 1 RAFT POUR with STARTERS ...

Basically, our clients send us portions of their projects, with all required documents and instructions needed for successful completion.

We deliver within 48 hours and our prices are dynamic, depending on how much work we are occupied with at a time. View samples...

Why RebarExpress

What makes us different?

Rebar express is the first of its kind, fast, accurate and reliable shop drawing service.

It is a flexible service that can be used only when you need it, so there is no long term commitment from your side.

It is data driven, that is, based on the “Input - Process - Output” model. The better are the files and information provided by the client, the better our output results will be.

It saves you time and money, especially when you’re running against deadlines.

Do you need urgent help? We can deliver.