About Us

Rebar Express is a service of AABCO, a company that has been dedicated to construction industry for more than a decade.




AABCO delivers high quality, made-to-spec structural design, shop drawings and project specific BBSs.

Throughout the years, AABCO has garnered massive experience in the industry, especially when it comes to quality of output, constructability, scheduling issues, avoiding delays, project coordination and elimination of errors. 

RX Team

Our people

Our team is made of top notch detailers who work around the clock in different time zones. You may not have the privilege of seeing the faces or hearing the voices of these highly professional women and men, but as a client - you will certainly reap the rewards.

Our tools

To produce just-in-time shop drawings and BBS’s we use our own sophisticated software called Indigo, which distributes the workload across our employee network and it tracks and monitors the production process in real time. This allows us to effortlessly work on multiple projects at the same time, while keeping efficiency and quality our top priority. All outputs of our production are double-checked.

With Rebar Express, we are expanding our global reach and presence. We are making rebar detailing accessible to everyone in the business, everywhere in the world, at any time.

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