High Speed Rebar Detailing by

ANSI D/ISO A1 Shop Drawings
In 48 hours: $300 per sheet
In 7 days: $200 per sheet
Packages by pouring phases




High speed is our only gear


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You can rely on Rebar Express to deliver high quality shop drawings in no time. Our high speed production process is supported by the best detailers and by our own sophisticated software called Indigo, which allows us to distribute the workload across our network of employees and freelancers and to monitor the production in real time.


Rebar Express is data driven, that is, based on the “Input - Process - Output” model. The better the files and information provided by our clients are, the better our output results will be. All outputs of our production are double-checked by our team of top notch detailers.


Rebar Express provides high speed rebar detailing for everyone in need, anywhere in the world at any time. What is equally important, you can count on Rebar Express when you’re in a time squeeze, and you can use it only when you need it, with no long term commitment required from your side.